Saturday, September 5, 2009

walk - run - jump 014

English : The boy is walking.
Italian : Il bambino sta camminando.
German : Der Junge geht.
Chinese : 那个男孩儿在走。

English : The boy is jumping.
Italian : Il bambino sta saltando.
German : Der Junge springt.
Chinese : 那个男孩儿在跳。

English : The girls are running.
Italian : Le bambine stanno correndo.
German : Die Mädchen laufen.
Chinese :那两个女孩儿在跑。

English : The girls are walking.
Italian : Le bambine stanno camminando.
German : Die Mädchen gehen.
Chinese : 那两个女孩儿在走。

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Colin said...

I am learning German, 'spose you site here could be handy :D